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The Kwattum software application leverages innovative processes and practices to measure the environmental footprint of both businesses and organizations. It is a cloud Web Application providing the possibility of immediate user information using a modern and reliable authentication system.
It cooperates with Internet of Things systems, measurement systems in production areas, systems for monitoring energy consumption and energy quality indicators (energy audit), cooperates with industrial production monitoring and control systems and monitors quality control indicators in relation to the company’s energy footprint, giving a friendly information environment for the results of the business based on the evaluation standards.


Strategy Tool

The role of the kwattum application is to capture and present the changes of the company’s ESG indicators in combination with the measurement of the company’s environmental cost. It is therefore a business strategy and decision-making tool.

LOT Number

A particularly important parameter is the calculation of the environmental footprint at the LOT Number level of the company’s product. The process is combined with Product Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). With this module of the application, the documentation of the environmental costing of the product is implemented, which is a strategic information platform of the company.

IoT Energy Audit

The kwattum system works harmoniously with Internet of Things systems that lead to the application of Industry 4.0 methods and processes. IoT systems create a network of “energy inspectors” in the business space and the kwattum software utilizes the data by presenting indicators and cost variables as well as alerts for out-of-bounds situations.

RES Savings

The kwattum system can leverage the installation of RES and energy saving units and assess their impact on the overall business footprint. With the use of measuring systems (software and hardware) we capture both the production of RES and self-consumption by projecting what-if scenarios to the business.


The Kpi Indicators are the image of the company and highlight the company’s effort to increase productivity and the quality of products and services. The kwattum system highlights ESG and environmental footprint indicators providing a strategy tool for the business.









The kwattum system is a complete solution for calculating environmental footprint and ESG indicators for businesses. Connects to existing enterprise data for automatic, networked data extraction Internet of Things for the energy recording and inspection of businesses with the aim of creating a platform for calculating the environmental costing of the business, both services and production at the LOT Number level.



The kwattum system concerns the preparation of the MUNICIPAL EMISSION REDUCTION PLAN (DISME) with the operation of special software that calculates emissions and is a strategic tool for making decisions to reduce emissions based on the climate law and EU directives.


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